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Far down the first floor hallway, there is one room hidden among the hundreds of empties, a secret kept unlocked in plain sight.

Behind door number 865, there is a room that looks like it used to be a bright and sunny place. There are tall windows along one side looking out onto the grounds, but the blue curtains are drawn closed. Everything has a thick layer of dust. This particular room hasn't been touched in more than ten years, and Wonderland's magic seems to have ignored it.

The paint on the walls is cracked and faded. There are rectangular shadows here and there, places where pictures were once pasted to the wall and ceiling but were eventually removed - except for one portion of wall exclusively devoted to pictures of a gray tabby cat. There are at least fifty pictures there, all slightly different, and all labelled Dinah.

In the corner, a small trash bin has been knocked over. It is full of crumpled-up papers and they're spilling out onto the floor.

The nightstand drawers do not have very much in them. The top one has loose paper and old crayons, and the middle one has a lot of hair ribbons in different colors. The bottom drawer is empty.

The bed is made and the room is clean (under all the dust, that is). It looks like it used to belong to a little girl, but that it hasn't been inhabited by one for the longest time. There are also signs a cat used to live there - an old scratching post and some mouse-shaped toys - but no cat to be found.

There are two mirrors by the bed and a free-standing one for playing dress-up. All of them have messages scrawled on them that were once urgent, but now the ink is old and faded. Even if someone were to try and wipe the messages away, they would not come off. They appear to have been written on the other side of the glass, though when one looks they will only see themselves and the words.

In addition to the shadows where old pictures had been, there are pictures drawn right onto the ceiling above the bed. They are mostly of flowers and rabbits and cats.

The closet is functional. Beyond that, there is not much more to see.

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How in Wonderland did this get here?

[Alice is standing before the tear outside, bundled up in her Queenly garb with her crown slightly askew, just....staring at it.]

It's so very peculiar. I'm sure air isn't supposed to do that.

[She tries for a second, to take to pieces of air in her hands and pry them apart, but it does absolutely nothing, as expected.]

Hm. I'm the Queen now, so I need to figure out how to fix this. There's got to be some way. I mean, nothing's impossible or unfixable!

[This definitely going to be a challenge though. Ponder, ponder, ponder....]

...Perhaps I need my sewing kit.

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I'm rather bored. It's been so long since I've done anything fun~! Home can be so dreadfully boring sometimes.

Oh, I know! We should play a game of make believe! Make believe is the very best game, you know. You can make anything into anything, be anything, do anything - as long as you can dream it up, of course. If you can't, then you might as well not be pretending at all. That would be a tragedy though, to not be able to make believe. That would be an awfully boring life, I think.

Someone should come and play pretend with me! I'll be a Queen - the most regal of the regalish regalities. Queen Alice...I very much like how that sounds.
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Oh, what a wonderful idea! And just in time for spring! It will be marvelous, I'm sure. Soon, we all will be together, and it will be so grand!

Maybe I could help? I brew a very good cup of tea! Or perhaps I could paint a big banner for the front hall! I'm an excellent colour-er. I'm sure there must be something I can do to help. After all, there's so little time and so very much to do.

Hm...maybe I'll open some windows...
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I wish I were good at games! Oh, don't misunderstand - I'm quite good at puzzles and those sorts of games, but they aren't the sort of games you can win prizes from. I'd love to win a giant plush bear...or perhaps a giant real bear. Though I imagine a real bear must be very difficult to keep in the booth. There would be no room whatsoever to throw the rings!

Oh, but that's strange. I could have sworn I saw someone just now...a certain lady all in regal red. I don't think she saw me though, or perhaps I didn't really see her at all. ...Though, it may be for the best if neither of us saw each other.

Is anyone good at throwing rings on milk jugs? Or maybe throwing darts at balloons?
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Attention all Wonderlandianeseians!

This is your...well not your captain, I don't think. Aren't captains only for boats? Or maybe for these too...but I don't think I'm really a captain either way. This was just here, and the button was there to be pushed, and I couldn't very well not push it, could I? That would just be nonsense!

I think I was supposed to say something though, something important...oh! Keep all of your trays in the upright position! Or the downright position, I suppose. Whichever is the right direction for the circumstance - just so long as it's not the upwrong! That won't do at all.

Oh, but yes! There will be some turbulence, and some shaking and quaking and floating and moaning and sconing and toning and droning and phoning and I'm sure you've all got the idea now, since I've explained it so thoroughly!

It will be fine though; everyone should stay calm and calmish and such. There's nothing to be feared except the shaking things and the shooting things, you know. But I doubt it will matter much - I haven't seen anyone here yet today! How curious indeed...
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You know, sometimes I wish I were from somewhere else. It sounds awfully exciting to be from another world. It feels like they're close enough to touch, but no one can reach them. Really though, that's just odd. If you can't touch it, then it's not really close! It still feels that way sometimes though...closely far.

It's a really curious feeling, like a push or a pull. I could lay or lie or lain or whichever it is here all day just thinking about it. I really want to know what's out there. What's beyond that door...
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Things have been so peculiar lately, don't you think so? Something's not quite right...but it's not quite wrong either. It's just very frumious, I fear.

I'm not sure why I'm asking you lot though. I can't believe some of you are standing up at all! It's impossible, really. But that's silly, when nothing's impossible!

This really is a silly, silly place. It's most absurd.
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I wonder how something can wobble so much without falling down? Perhaps it's on a wire, or someone has taken super-glue to's very odd, like a house of cards.

Either way, what a dreadful, awful place. Everything's sort of fallen apart, and fallen up and down and even sideways too. I suppose there would be many more hiding-holes for crawling in though. Wonderland is such a curious place...
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You know, I've never really had a mother or a father. I mean surely I must have, at some point, but it's been so long now that I can't recall.

I don't know why I've been thinking about it so much lately. I've got sisters and brothers and mothers and fathers on the brain lately! It's very curious. Oh, but I've already got a little brother. Does this mean I'm going to have another?

It would be nice, I think. Delicious home-cooked meals and hugs and warm happy feelings all the time. ...Perhaps I'd get sick of it though. It might get a little boring.

Do all you have mothers and fathers? What's it like? I'd love to know.
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I wonder why there aren't any bread-and-butterflies? I mean, I'm sure they must exist somewhere, hiding in the tress. Even impossible things aren't really impossible, you know.

But really now, if anything is going to be fluttering and flittering and twittering about, it should be them! Or maybe rocking-horseflies...
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Goodness, it's been so long! So long indeed.

I suppose we could use a little excitement around here! It's such a strange game though. Are we playing Restaurant? The menus are awfully confusing though, and like nothing I'd ever order! It's all so vague...
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This is all terribly confusing! There's something very fishy here, and it's not any kind of fish I ever saw. It's a confusing fish of a different name altogether. Like Bruce, or Isabelle, or Marzipan. Those aren't names for fishes at all!

Who are you all? Are you who you've been saying you've been being? Are you all some kind of fishes that have been walking about on land? Well, you're going to get everything all wet if you keep doing that! What kind of fish are you anyway?

Maybe I'm not even Alice! Maybe I've been a fish all this time!

Excuse me, could one of you fishes tell me what sorts of sounds I'm supposed to be making? I don't think I've ever heard a fish. Is it a glub-glub sort of noise?
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Well, that's not very nice. Goodness, hasn't anyone ever told you if you can't say anything at all, don't say something nice!

...Wait. I don't think that's how it goes, now that I think about it. Either way, it's still going to make a horrible mess of things, I believe.
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What? But that sounds like a terribly complicated game. I think there's too many buttons. Too many buttons makes for an awfully confusing time. There's so much to press!

I suppose it could be fun though. It is a new game, and those are always fun to try! Yes, I think I will be excited about this. Though, it does sound an awful lot like a boy's game...but it sounds like you can be anybody you please, so perhaps I'll just be a boy. That should solve that, I think! Alan? Alex? Alice...r?

I wonder how you win? Does anybody win?

[Link to details to be edited in ASAP.]
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That event was terribly fun! I really love to draw. Though, I did miss my voice quite a bit.

It's good to be able to speak again! And to sing! This song just floated into my head somehow. I can't even begin to imagine where it came from, but it goes something like this.

...Oh, well, I forgot how the first part goes, but the next part is:

Hm-hm hmmm hm-hmm-hmm~
Long live our People, united and free.
Strong in our friendship tried by fire. Long may our crimson flag inspire,
Shining in glory for all men to see.

I think it's quite charming!

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I wonder what would happen if all the sunlight was gone? I just started thinking of it now, all of a sudden!

I mean, I imagine it would be very cold. And it would be very hard to see! You'd have to squint your eyes quite a bit. And the flowers would never come out and sing, without the sunlight. It would be dreadful for that! They do so love singing.

But there's something else, I think, something I'm forgetting a bit. ...ah! Lots of fearsome things lurk about in the dark, right? Creepy, spooky creatures who flinch away from sunshine. ...Goodness, that's not a very good thought at all! Such a peculiar thing...

[ooc: Event is up, from a new announcer! ♥]
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[The camera does not seem to be facing Alice directly, but there she is, in nearly full view. Her tattered dress has been replaced and repaired, and she has a new blue ribbon to replace the one left behind in her cell. She seems...significantly calmer.]

Oh goodness! What's all of this commotion?

[She turns then, so she might be seen, and looks directly at the camera, except there seems to be one problem: her eyes are completely missing. There is no sign that she even had eyes beforehand, no holes, just merely skin where they had been. Her beautiful blue eyes are gone, far away.]

I don't believe I understand it. There are so many of you over on this side of the mirrors! Have you really all come to see me? That was so thoughtful of you all, and I don't even have tea prepared! What an awful host I am! Though, really I'm not the host at all, am I? That would be the Queen!

[There doesn't seem to be any anger over the Queen, or whatever it was that had her screaming before. But she peeks through a window in the room she is in, a reflected version of her own room on the real side.]

I suppose I should go and see just what on Earth is going on in our home!

[She then begins to leave, with a smile, shutting the camera off.]

What. What on Earth just happened, Koji? )
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[A video post begins, and everything is dark, save for the light coming from whatever the post is being made into. In that light, there is a young girl, with long blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She's a little flithy, and there doesn't seem to be much room to move about where she is.] everyone can see? Everybody can see things on both sides? Oh, this is wonderful! Absolutely wonderful! It's incredible!

Hello everyone! Hi there! You can see me, right? [She waves, smiling brightly.] Hello, hello, hello! Is anyone there? Anybody?

Oh...I do hope someone is there. The people here aren't very good conversationalists. [She pouts.] And they like dying and killing things too much! I really want to go back now.

Does anyone know if a cat has shown up in the mansion? Her name is Dinah and she's the best cat there ever was and I miss her a lot! has anyone seen Dinah? Can you tell her Alice is looking for her? She won't answer you back, but I think she'll know what you mean.

[She gasps, and goes quiet for a moment, glancing to the side as though she heard something. And then, she clicks the post off.]
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